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Affiliated Health- The affordable health care provider for all medical needs

Affiliated health is a leading healthcare provider in the areas of heart treatment, orthopedic services, cancer treatment, birth care and child care services. Our mission is to ensure the access of best quality health care services to those in immediate need of it. We operate in a very unique model by forming alliance with hospitals of repute in the respective medical categories. Technology and latest diagnostics tools are the two driving force that guides our healthcare services in a noble way. Community based functioning is our forte through which we are able to concentrate on holistic medical needs. Our services are accredited by the local health care regulatory bodies, and we are bound by the healthcare laws that govern the place of operation.

Cancer care- Better recovery rate

cancer offers the most advanced cancer care treatment to people affected of cancer through our affiliate hospitals in various counties. The focus of such treatment is to enable faster recuperation and lessen the gravity of suffering. Our affiliated cancer care hospitals houses some of the extraordinary cancer specialists with a proven track-record of curing the disease. Readmore..


Orthopedic care- Strengthening health

Orthopedic CareOrthopedic services are the most vital in any health system and has entered into partnership with top-class orthopedic hospitals spread across various regions. Right from performing orthopedic surgery to undertaking rehabilitation efforts, we guarantee the best medical assistance amongst all the community-based healthcare providers. Our orthopedics are trained extensively in treating any abnormality in the musculoskeletal system, most specifically on bone deformities, arthritis, fasciitis, and fractures. Our principle motto is to offer affordable orthopedic services for those deprived of it. Readmore..


Heart care- Count on us

Heart Care At affiliated health, we emphasize much importance to heart care services, as heart is crucial for human beings survival. Our heart specialists deploy the latest diagnostic tools to identify the discrepancies in heart. The hospitals that we have partnered with for heart care services own tremendous years of experience with some fabulous success record. The focus of heart care treatment is centered on maintaining a healthy and a strong heart. Our heart specialists have performed even some of the complicated heart surgeries in the recent past, thus having given new lease of life to thousands of people. Readmore..


Birth care- Life time experience for mothers

Birth CareBirth care centers of affiliated health are equipped with modern facilities so as to bestow a conducive and warm environment for welcoming the new born baby. We have partnered with exceptionally great birth care centers across the counties with a sole aim to make the birth-giving experience of pregnant mothers a memorable one. Our hospitals are staffed with country-renowned obstetrician, who are well-versed in handling medical complications that can arise in a new born baby. We have an extraordinary team of friendly-nurses who are tasked to assist soon-to-be-mothers on a round-the-clock basis. Birth care centers of affiliated health offers comprehensive assistance to those mothers who are alone after giving birth. As a token of love and welcoming the new born baby, we give complimentary gifts in the form of baby care products, dresses and other stuffs. Readmore..


Child care- The primary care

Child CareChild care is very essential as it will play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term well-being of a child. Recognizing its importance, affiliated health’s latest area of operation is child care. The number of affordable child care centers is dwindling on a rapid speed in certain counties. As part of its focus on community health, affiliated health has entered into pact with top-ranking child care hospitals that has its mission to offer child care treatment at an affordable cost. has been created to imbibe awareness about the healthcare provider’s affordable treatment options for multitude of medical ailments across various counties. Hospitals contemplating to venture into an alliance with affiliated health can feel free to contact us.